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I'll admit it—"Pilliard Dickle" is not my real name. It's Joe. Pilliard Dickle is my pen name. I draw calendars and write books and perform original songs with my 1 1/2 Man Band.

I would mention that, according to Today show movie critic Gene Shalit, "Mr. Dickle is a born storyteller with an inventive mind that never stops." But that would sould like self-promoting PR, wouldn't it? And that's not what I'm here for.

On the other hand, I view LJ as a storytelling forum, even if the story is my real life. So maybe I WILL mention that. Hmm... I'll have to think about it.

I'm happily married to duck_puddle, so, ladies, if you're thinking about hitting on me via LJ...well, go ahead! But you'll be hitting on Natalie too, as we share everything, including our love of The Match Game. You know, Gene Rayburn, et. al. In fact - not to get too personal - but more than anything, that's what our marriage is based on, The Match Game (cause, see, we're a perfect match, get it?). With The Simpsons a close second.

I started my own church the other day. It's called The Church of Me. You can worship at http://dicklecalendars.com/church But you won't be worshiping me, you'll be worshiping YOU!